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*****Grade 12 Information: September 2014**** 

  1. Applications to Atlantic Canadian universities for general programs are usually due between March 1st and March 15th . These dates apply for general programs. Specialty programs may have earlier deadlines. These dates are important for program entry and for scholarship consideration… averages over 80%. Students with lower averages can apply later. A completed application includes: the application form, fees, and an official transcript listing all courses and grades since grade 10. Specific programs may have earlier application dates …Please check…


  1. Transcripts should be picked up the week of Feb 7-11 due to the 2-week break. Please sign up for the number of copies you will require in advance. Out of province universities may require transcripts to be sent directly from the schools.


  1. If you are unsure what to do after high school please make an appointment with your guidance counsellor ASAP to discuss post-graduation options.


  1. NSCC still has some vacancies in programs for September 2013. Applications are processed on a first-come first serve basis. If you are interested in any NSCC program apply NOW…. Program openings are listed on their main page.


  1. First term graduates are responsible for making sure they check in with the school to keep abreast of grad fees, prom information, scholarships, etc. The JL Ilsley school scholarship is available in March. School scholarships are listed on the guidance website in the virtual scholarship binder.


  1. Be aware that most scholarships and bursaries require some type of involvement in school/community activities, sports, committees, etc. Get moving and get involved… will pay off


  1. Most entrance scholarships (average is over 80%) require no additional application beyond your application for admission. If you have an average in the 95+ there may be some additional scholarships with separate applications that may be of interest. You may also want to forward a resume and a reference letter or two in this situation. Most local universities make scholarship offers by April 15th and students usually have until May 15th to accept/decline if you have applied to more than one institution.


  1. Do not let finances be a deterrent for post-secondary study. Student loans, line of credit, bursaries, part-time work… are all options for subsidizing your education. There are often separate bursaries available that may help with financing your studies. Your guidance counsellor is happy to discuss this with you in more detail.


  1. If you area student with a disability….learning disability, epilepsy, mental health ..i.e anxiety, are on an IPP….. You may need additional documents forwarded to your institution/ you may also qualify for special funding, or have alternate admission pathways. See your counsellor for more information.


  1. If you need references for scholarships, bursaries, or admission please give your referees adequate time….. at least a week. The quality of the reference is usually correlated with the amount of time given to write it.


  1. Students can not apply for student loans until the last week in May. Your guidance counsellor will remind you when this time arrives and will be happy to discuss this process in advance should you have any questions.


** Remember if you feel lost or confused about what to do with your future you are probably in need of additional information. Once you are informed, decision-making becomes easier. See guidance for help.