What Are Scholarships And Bursaries?


Scholarships are financial awards for post-secondary studies based on marks and often other criteria such as school and community activities.
Bursaries are financial awards for students attending a post-secondary institution that are largely based on financial need and sometimes marks.
Where To Find Information On Scholarships And Bursaries
Scholarship and bursary information is posted in the guidance office and on the bulletin boards as it comes in.  You should check for postings regularly throughout the year.  Also, we will be maintaining a scholarship binder in the guidance office for information as it is offered.  It is your responsibility to seek out this information. 
Students and parents should check at their workplace, religious institution, sports clubs and community organizations for possible scholarship opportunities
Many universities offer entrance scholarships for admission averages of 80% or 85% and above with no separate application requirement.
Check The Internet.  There are lots of great sites offering financial assistance in the form of scholarships, bursaries and student loans.


Below are a list of available Scholarship Programs at J.L. Ilsley. If you would like more information or require application forms, please visit the Guidance Office. Scholarships, including deadlines, will be posted as they are received. Most of the scholarships are linked to their website (double-click on the scholarship title to visit the website).

General Scholarships


Selection Criteria
(see website or Guidance Office for full eligibility criteria)
Abbott IBD Scholarship   Diagnosed with Crone's disease or Ulcerative Colitis. Going on to post-secondary studies. Value up to 5000.00.
African Nova Scotian Scholarships- Dept of Education  April 30, 2015


- University Entrance Scholarship- 75% average- $4,500
                                                                                                                                            -Post Secondary Scholarship- less than 75% average- $2,500- July                                                                                                      
- Community College/Trade School Award- accepted into community college- $1,800                                                                                                                                          - --Performing Arts Award- university performing arts program- $1000- July 31st deadline 
AHEPA Scholarship - $1000    to graduating student of Hellenic (Greek) Heritage        
-Have an average of 85% or higher
Atlantic Commerce Scholarship   -resume and transcript required
APM Law Scholar Athlete   -Anyone can nominate a scholar athlete who will have an opportunity to win a $1000.00 scholarship. - Minimum 80% average and outstanding accomplishment in sport.
Black Educators Association Bursary Fund - African Nova Scotian learner residing in Nova Scotia                                         
- Demonstrate financial need                                                                                    
- Attending a post-secondary institution in 2010-2011                                        
-Must have application, transcript, letter of acceptance and 2 letters of reference
Bob Taylor Memorial Scholarship   - applicant must be a member of the Nova Scotia CAFP (Foodservice) Student Branch.
-Approx $2000
Buddy Daye Scholarship   - African Nova Scotian who demonstrates athletic accomplishments, community involvement (especially civil and human rights) and scholastic achievement
Burger King Scholars Program  
- maintain an average of 67% or higher
- work part-time average 15 hours/week and 40 weeks/year
- demonstrate participation in community service and/or co-curricular activities
- demonstrate financial need 
- receive written nomination from school and employer recommendation
- planning to enroll in an accredited college or university next year
Burns Lodge Legacy Fund   - must be resident of HRM and pursuing post-secondary in Atlantic Canada
- chosen on basis on scholastic achievement, athletic accomplishments and financial need
- 2 refernce letters and application form w transcript required
- $1500
Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers - 1 national scholarship of 6,000, 12 regional scholarships at -1500                                                                                              
- Must be sponsored by a CFIG member store                                         
- Essay required
Canadian-Lebanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry $1500. Open to grade 12 students of Lebanese descent going on to post-secondary studies. Essay, application, and involvement in extracurricular activities.
Canadian Retail Institute- Retail as a Career Scholarship - Students planning a career in retail                                                                                         - Enrolled in a post-secondary institute for Fall 2011
CIBC Canada's Luckiest Student Scholarship    -$20,000
-no criteria
Credit Counselling Services Scholarship  April 10, 2015


-$1000 scholarship

-500 word essay plus budget.  Describe a creative way for students to reduce the amount of debt needed to complete their post secondary education.  See website for further details                                                                                                                                   -                                                     

Credit Counselling Services- Winter Scholarship Competition - Several $1000 scholarships available                                                                                      - 500 Word essay required                                                                                                       - April 30th deadline
Credit Union Teachers Plus

- 4000                                                                                                                                   - 2 awards for students beginning full time post secondary studies whoa re a member of Teachers Plus Credit Union or child/grandchild of member.
Daughters of Penelope Educational Award - Graduating female student of Greek Descent                                                                           - One $1000 and one $500
Dennis Thompson Memorial Bursary   - intend on pursuing CPU/technology at university of Community College level                                                                                                                                      - financial need                                                                                                                      - essay on why you are interested in the field                                                                             - $1000
deGarthe  Art Scholarship  


- submit 2 original art works

-student statement describing art work, future artistic plans and how money will be spent                            -$1500

Diversity Bursary - Communications NS is offering 3 $1000 bursaries to help young Nova Scotian students learn what is happening with their government. Image bursary: $1000 to a student enrolled in photography, video production or graphic design program. Words Bursary: $1000 to a student enrolled in public relations, journalism or marketing/advertising. Ideas Bursary:  $1000 to a student enrolled in web design, computer technology.                                                                                                   - Student must submit an essay or creative piece to demonstrate knowledge in their area. Special consideration to those pieces with a diversity focus                                                                                                                                                              - applicants must be a visible minority (disability or race), be in a full time degree/diploma program, include a creative submission and complete an application.          
Donald Lee Eagles Memorial   - must be accepted to Business admin program at Kingstec
- must have high academic standing and financial need
- Application w transcript and 2 reference letters required
- $2500
Dr. P. Anthony Johnstone Scholarship
March  31st,   2015

-graduating this year, and a resident of NS.  Must be planning to study at a university in NS, NB or PEI.

- demonstrated interest in multiculturalism and human rights                                                      - $6000 value

East Coast Credit Union Bursary March 4, 2015 - child or grandchild of east coast credit union member                                                                 -attending post-secondary in the fall                                                                                         -500 word essay                                                                                                                     -$1000
Elsie Jean Lambert Memorial Scholarship  


- $1000 bursaries                                                                                                              - -financial need                                                                                                                  - preference given to those who have a parent or grandparent who are veterans
Encana High School Scholarships   - student pursuing careers related to offshore oil and gas industry (engineering, geology, geophysics or trades related to these areas)                                                                              - 2, 500 renewable                                                                                                                  - must display leadership, community involvement and scholastic achievement
Epilepsy Association of Nova Scotia Memorial Scholarship

James Russell Kline Memorial Bursary


  - Graduating Nova Scotia student who has epilepsy and plans on attending a post-secondary institution                                                                                                                              - Requires transcript, resume and references
Foundation for the Advancement of Aboriginal Youth Scholarship   - providing support for aboriginal youth in accessing post-secondary education

Garfield Weston Merit Scholarship for Colleges


-$3500-$8000 awards across Canada

passionate about field of study, curious, willing to try new things

-caring about family, neighbourhood, and community

-minimum $75 average

Girl Guides- Kirstyn Butler Memorial Scholarship - Applicants must have been a regular member 1 year before applying and the year receiving scholarship                                                                                                                            -Must be attending university or community college in the fall                                                       -Applicants will be evaluated on guiding experience, personal letter (by you about you), reference letter (someone in guiding), service and community involvement and additional interests                                                                                                                                -Due June 10th.


Girl Guides of Canada- Chief Commissioners Bursary - must be (have been) a girl guides member                                                                             - enrolled in post secondary institute for Fall 2011
Graham Pinsent Memorial Bursary

-$500 bursary

-financial need

- Lesbian ,Gay,Bisexual or Transgendered youth

Halifax City Music Dept Scholarships:

Karen Oxley Kennedy Vocal Scholarship

Kaye Dimock Pottie Scholarship

Moragh Parks Scholarship for Bass and Strings

Chalmers Doane Scholarship


-applications should include a covering letter outlining details of proposed music study and a brief resume highlighting music participation in schools, as well as any participation in All-City Music Programs and community music activities

-applications should also include a letter of recommendation from your high school music teacher

Halifax City Local NSTU Student Educational Award - 10 awards at $500 to children of due paying members of the Halifax City Local NSTU. Students must be pursuing post-secondary studies
Halifax Shipping Association Essay Contest -1000 word original creative essay demonstrating an appreciation of the value of the marine life business of the Port of Halifax to the local region and the country as a whole
Heritage Credit Union Scholarship - be a member, child, or grandchild of a member                                                                       - be enrolled in a post secondary institute for fall of 2011
Herbert Carnegie Scholarship   - $1000                                                                                                                                - High achieving grade 12 students demonstrating qualities of citizenship w extensive volunteer and community service.
Hockey NS Academic/Athletic Award Scholarships valued at $1000                                                                                                   - registered member of HNS, accepted in post secondary institution and high level or academic excellence and exceptional hockey ability
Walter H. Johnson Jr. Scholarship

Hotel Assoc. of NS Culinary Scholarship(NSTHRC)Hotel Association of Nova Scotia

Hotel Assoc. of NS Scholarship (HANS)


-Open to graduating students pursuing programs in Tourism/Culinary Arts. Transcripts, Portfolio, Essay and References may be required.
Institute of Chartered Accountants Scholarship   -4 x$1000 awards to NS students planning to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Business or Commerce
IODE NS Bursary

-financial need

application, letter, transcript and three references required

IODE Connie Wenaus Memorial Scholarship - application, letter, transcript, 3 reference letters                                                                       -  6 at $1000

John Abbass Scholarship

  - Must be pursuing post-secondary education in business, be a resident of N.S, a family member of a N.S business owner and maintain a 80% average in grade 12 -                                                 - candidates must also be interested in pursuing business                                                                                                                                             - Must complete application w essay, provide resume, transcript and two reference letters                                                                                                                                   - $1000         


Joint Ontario Black History Society- Price Waterhouse Cooper Scholarship   - $1000 value                                                                                                                      - African Nova Scotian students entering into accounting                                                                                                                           - 750 word essay detailing academic and extra curricular involvement and reasons for pursuing career in accounting                                                                                                                           - Resume and two letter of reference must be included            
Karen Oxley Kennedy Memorial Scholarship

Kay Dimock Pottie Scholarship

Chalmers Doane Scholarship

  - eligibility to graduating students entering into post-secondary music programs                                                                                                                            - - must include cover letter explaining route of study, resume highlighting musical accomplishments, and a letter of recommendation from high school music teacher                                                    


Kirstyn Butler Memorial Bursary

registered in Girl Guides during the year they receive the bursary

-evaluated on guiding experience, personal letter, reference letter, and community involvement outside of guiding.

Kyle Henneberry Memorial Scholarship Student must be going on to a program in the trades. Essay and involvement in extracurricular activities are required.
Lombard-RCL Scholarship 2- 5000.00 scholarships available to children and grandchildren of Legion members. A solid academic record, involvement, and leadership skills are required for consideration.
Loran Scholarship



- minimum average of 85%
- university-bound students
- well-rounded students who demonstrate character, promise of leadership, and strong commitment to service in the community

- Sponsored applicants: Nominated by school (max 3), applications in guidance

- Direct Pool applicants: Apply without nomination

Lutz/Lutes Family Scholarship   Open to graduating students with high academics and high financial need. Value: $1000.00.
Marion Sweet Memorial Bursary   - $500.00
- enrolled in any post-secondary institution
- written statement on trapping and use of fur in today's world
- statement of suitability
- member of trapper's association
Mark F. Dempsey Scholarship 3000.00 award open to graduating JL students with a balance of academic achievement, sports involvement, financial need and community participation.
McEwen Scholarships March 1, 2015 - $1000/year renewable scholarship                                                                                          - Student must be dependent of a current Co-op Atlantic member, must have a good academic performance, demonstrate community/school involvement and take one Co-op course by second year of university                                                                                                                          
Millenium Excellence Award Program  
- demonstrated positive and verifiable service to the community
- academic achievement
- demonstrated capacity for leadership and ability to motivate others
- demonstrated interest in innovation
Mission Tuition - Four $5000 grand prizes                                                                                                        - Applicants must be accepted to a recognized College or University in NS                                                                                                                                         - June 3rd deadline for application
National Union: Tommy Douglas Scholarship July 6, 2015 - All students who plan to enter the 1st year of a Canadian post-secondary institution and a child of a member of the National Union of Public and General Employees                                                                                                                             - Awarded to the writer of best 750-1000 essay on "How Tommy Douglas contributed to making Canada a more just and equitable society.                                                                                                                                  - $1,500 Value
National Union: Terry Fox Memorial Scholarship   - All students with disabilities planning to enter a post-secondary institution in 2010-2011 and children of member of the National Union of Public and General Employees                                                                                                                             - Awarded to the writer of best 750-1000 essay on "The Importance of quality public services in enhancing the quality of life for people with disabilities.                                                               -1500 value                             
National Union: Scholarship for Aboriginal Canadians July 6, 2015 - All aboriginal students planning to enter a post-secondary institution in 2010-2011 and children of member of the National Union of Public and General Employees                                                    - Awarded to the writer of best 750-1000 essay on "The importance of quality public services in enhancing the quality of life of Aboriginal Canadians.                                                                                                                            - $1,500 Value
National Union: Scholarship for Visible Minorities   - All visible minority students planning to enter a post-secondary institution in 2010-2011 and children of member of the National Union of Public and General Employees                                                                                                                             - Awarded to the writer of best 750-1000 essay on "The importance of quality public services in enhancing the quality of life of  Visible Minorities                                                                        - $1,500 Value
Neptune Foundation in Theatre Scholarship May 31, 2015 - scholarship is to be used toward the Neptune Foundation in Theatre program                             - 1000
Nova Scotia Nunavut Command/Jack Moore Memorial & AIL Insurance Bursaries  

Children of veterans with financial need going on to higher learning. Involvement in extra-curricular activities. Special consideration to children of Veterans


Nova Scotia Recycling  Essay Contest  

-Over 55,000 dollars in cash and prizes

-Research Essay  on how Nova Scotia can continue its waste diversion success over the next ten years.

-6 regional prizes of $1500, 7 runner up prizes of $750, one provincial prize of $5000.

Nova Scotia Community College Entrance Awards   Scholarship equals one year of tuition. 75% average, financial need, essay and recommendation required.
Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation Scholar Award   -essay on a health topic and the value of health research conducted in NS.                                    - Student must be entering a university of community college in the Fall                                        - 15000 over 3 years
NS/NU Command, Jack Moore Memorial & AIL Insurance Bursaries   - Parent/grandparent who served                                                                                              - financial need                                                                                                                       - attending a post-secondary institution                                                                                     - $500


NS Power Employment Equity Scholarship March 27, 2015
-Eligibility: Disabled person, persons of visible minority or Aboriginal persons.  Must be a resident of NS for three years

-minimum 80% average, leadership and service to community, involvement in extra-curricular activity and written essay                                                                                                         - Application, resume and transcript must be in package

NS Power Trades Scholarship April 24, 2015 - Those interested in entering trades related to Utility or Energy sectors                                        - Ten $1000 renewable scholarships available                                                                            -70% overall in graduating year                                                                                                - must be accepted into community college                                                                                -Resume, transcript, essay and reference letter required                                                             - Community involvement and extra-curricular activities important
NS Power Aboriginal Scholarship April 24, 2015 - $1500
- Must be an aboriginal person
- entering a post-secondary institution following high school graduation
NS Power Employees' Children Scholarship - 4 renewable scholarships valued at $1500
- must be child of current or retired employee
- must be attending a post-secondary institution following graduation
NS Power Environment Scholarship April 24, 2015 - 5 non-renewable scholarships valued at $1000
- students must be entering an environment related program at a post-secondary institution
- solid academic record
- leadership in the community in the areas of environment protection, sustainability
- essay and reference letter required  
NS Teachers Union: Halifax County Local Bursary Application - 1 at $400 bursary available for students who have a parent who is a teacher.                                                                                                                                 - 500 word essay explaining why you would be a good candidate and how it will enhance your post-secondary learning                                                                                                                                             -May 15th deadline
N.S Fruit Growers' Assoc. Educational Bursary - $500 to student entering into the field of: biology, chemistry, food science, plant science, environmental science, business or agribusiness.                                                                                                                          -award is based on academic achievement, participation in community activities & interest in the tree fruit industry                                                                                                                                 -application must be in my May 29th.
N.S Tourism Scholarships

Walter H Johnson Tourism Scholarship

Hotel Association of NS Culinary Scholarship

Hotel Association of NS Tourism Scholarship
- for students pursuing post-secondary education in tourism, hospitality and culinary arts.

- Students are judged on application, academic standing, extra-curricular activities, references, and field of study

- students also engcouraged to submit a portfolio 
Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation Decade Award - $10000 to a grade 12 student attending a post secondary institution in N.S.                                                                                                                                        - Additional 10000 for overall provincial winner
paans scholarship for students with diabilities   - 2 at $1000 6 at 1500 and 2 at $2500                                                                                     - Applicants must: be a person with a permanent disability, resident of N.S, have admission to a N.S post-secondary institution, have extra curricular/community involvement, strong academics and educational goals
Pengrowth - Nova Scotia Energy Scholarship

For Students Going To University:                                                                               -Ten $2500 renewable scholarships (over four years)
- demonstrated interest in an energy-related career (through essay or other)
- 75% average in grade 12
- accepted into a degree program in  science, engineering, or business
- not receiving additional scholarship support in excess of $2,500.00
For Students Going To Community College:                                                                               -Ten $2500 non-renewable scholarships, two of which reserved for Aboriginal students going into a trade                               
- demonstrated interest in an energy-related career (through essay or other)
- Accepted into energy-related program at NSCC (one-year certificate or two-year diploma)


Premier's Power of Positive Change Award -Ten $2000 bursaries to be used for post-secondary purposes                                                     -Eligibility: High school student who demonstrates leadership in organizing a school or community based project, or promotes positive attitudes.                                                                                                                               -Students must be nominated by someone other than themselves and collect two references to be dropped off at the Dept of Education Awards committee


Province House Credit Union (Rose Benteau Jack Stuewe & Gary Rix Educational Awards)

- 3 x$10000 awards

academic achievement and participation in school and community activities

-must be a member or child of a member of the Province House Credit Union

Royal Bank Financial Lifeskills Scholarships

-pursuing studies in any field

-recognizing hard work, innovation and solid career direction

Royal Bank Aboriginal Student Awards Program   $4000 per academic year and living expenses. Personal and academic achievement and financial need are used to determine recipients.
Royal Bank Financial Lifeskills Scholarship  
-involvement in community leadership, extra curricular activities, special endeavours or circumstances, volunteer service
Saint Agnes Junior High Parent Teacher Association Bursary Application   - $750.00
- must have attended Saint Agnes
- 1 letter of recommendation
- Application required
Scholarship Awards Program for African Nova Scotian Students University: ($4500)75 % average in 5 Academic grade 12 courses, leadership activities and school recommendation

Other ($1000-2500): High School completion and  leadership qualities.

Sigma Chi Leadership ScholarshipGamma Rho of Sigma Chi - $500 scholarship to young men applying to Dal or St. Mary's                                                     -200 word essay n how you have demonstrated leadership                                                          -June 29th deadline
Stacey Levitt Women and Sport Memorial Scholarship - 2,500                                                                                                                                  - Awarded to young woman, girls tem or sport organization that exemplify Stacey's ideals and qualities. 


- See for further details
TD Canada Trust Scholarship for Community Leadership  
- full scholarship
- demonstrated outstanding community leadership in the areas of local employment programs, environmental cleanup, support group creation, or family services initiatives
- possess the academic skills to successfully enter and complete college or university

- 600 word essay describing your community leadership

- Letter of recommendation from school

-2 letters of reference


Teachers Plus Credit Union Scholarship April 24, 2015

- 2 Awards at $4000 (1000 per year) for student beginning full time post-secondary studies who are members (or child/grandchild of member) of Teachers Plus credit Union

Terry Fox Humanitarian Award  
- demonstration of the highest ideals and qualities of citizenship
- courage in overcoming obstacles
- involvement in humanitarian services
- participation in sport, fitness, and community service
Toyota Earth Day Scholarship  


- 1 of 20 $5000 scholarships

-Graduating students who have achieved academic excellence in their schools and demonstrated a commitment to the environment

Trappers Association Marion Sweet Memorial Bursary - high school completion, post-secondary acceptance, active trapper, dependant of trapper                                                                                                                                  - Written statement on the use of fur in today's world
Wales Scholarship

-$6000 award

-disabled resident of NS

-continuing post secondary education in NS

Warwick Kimmons Science Scholarship - $1000 scholarship                                                                                                                - Students must be entering a Bachelor of Science                                                                      - Student must submit 300-500 word essay (see application), provide copy of entrance letter and provide a personal reference (teacher) 
Wendy's Classic Achiever Scholarship  
- minimum 70% average in previous year
- participated in at least one extracurricular activity
- demonstrated volunteer involvement in local community
Youth in Motion   -Well-rounded students with demonstrable innovation, leadership and achievement
Zonta International Young Women in Public Affairs Award   - Club Level Award: $1000 & invitation to reception/dinner                                                           - The Young Women in Public Affairs award program offers recognition and awards at district and international level for outstanding young women who are making a difference in their world through service                                                                                                                                  -application at


University / College Scholarships

(listed alphabetically)


Please Note: This table does not include information about regular entrance scholarships, which are based solely on admission average and vary from institution to institution. Most institutions consider students automatically for entrance scholarships, therefore no separate application is required. Please visit the website of each institution, or the Guidance Office, to find out more about what each institution offers.


Dalhousie University
Saint Mary's University
Mount Saint Vincent University
University of King's College
Saint Francis Xavier University
Acadia University
University of New Brunswick
St. Thomas University
Mount Allison University
University of Prince Edward Island
Memorial University
McGill University
Concordia University
Bishops University
University of Toronto
University of Ottawa
Carleton University
University of Western
McMaster University
York Univeristy
Holland College